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Thinking of hiring an in-house Internet marketing specialist? Why hire a person when you can save money using an experienced Internet advertising team????

Let's talk dollars and sense. Hiring experienced personnel is expensive. Talented staff demand high salaries, excellent benefits and guess what? They deserve it! Unfortunately, there are two basic problems most companies face when hiring new staff:

  1. Management is either too busy or lacks the technical experience to properly direct & oversee the new talent's activities
  2. There isn't enough of a workload to justify the hire
We will expertly handle your pay per click search advertising campaigns allowing you to focus your time and efforts on your customers. Our specialty is establishing profitable advertising campaigns that increase sales and brand awareness. Whether you are a small online store or a Fortune 100 Company, we have a service plan that will meet your needs. Let us help you so you can focus on what counts... Learn more about how pay per click advertising can work for you or if you're already familiar with us, contact us so we can get started today!

A little about us... Partners is a global Internet marketing firm with offices in Santiago (CHILE) and Miami (USA). True advocates of e-business and visionaries to many because of an ability to think outside the box and come up with effective marketing solutions, Partners continues to excel and differentiate itself thanks to "against the grain" thinking and creatively analytical problem solving. Partners' entrepreneurial spirit and abilities are borne of ideas that are slightly rebellious and willing to go against the current which makes it a perfect partner for like-minded people looking to be the best in their industry. Partners will help you play on your strengths, breaks out of the mold and truly excel.

Having been instrumental in the planning and development of affiliate marketing strategies, search engine optimization campaigns and online media placement for a diverse client base covering the automotive, banking, health care, hospitality, real estate / mortgage and retail industries, Partners really is, Internet marketing for everyone!

601 Brickell Key Drive, Suite 600
Miami, Florida 33131 USA
t. 305 910 7505
f. 305 594 0611


Avenida Vitacura 2939, Piso 10
Las Condes, Santiago 7550011 CHILE
t. 2 431 5050
f. 2 431 5000

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We will provide a cost-effective solution for your clients on your behalf or through you that you can resell and re-price however you choose. Contact us for more information.

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Branding and marketing affect your bottom line. Let it work for you to help you attract more business, earn more sales and create repeat business. Contact us for more information.

  Managers & Directors
Embrace the web with confidence. Learn what works and what's just a waste of money & enjoy the process of making Internet marketing decisions. Contact us for more information.

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Internet Marketing in South Florida Directory
Internet Marketing in South Florida

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